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Hi hun, just read your post, i also have a dog with severe HD and ostoarthitis so i know what you are going though :sad:
my vet more or less told me it was all pretty hopeless and my baby is only 16 mths old, but it doesn,t have to be the end of the road! i have been using salmon oil,recovery sa[thanks Chris] glusomine supplements, keeping his weight pretty low and i have been massaging all over his body i do this for about a hour a day, and he loves it! and i am sure it has helped!
My vet said my dog would never beable to do no more than 10 min exercise ever! He now has two 20 min walks a day!
So healing thoughts to your baby for a longer , happier, comfortable life
He is on metacam from the vets as well and this has helped so much too.
All the best hun, your dog looks a sweetie x
'God turns clouds inside out to make fluffy beds for the dogs in dogs heaven,and when they are tired from running around and barking, the dogs find a cloud bed for sleeping, god watches over each one of them and there are no bad dreams'.
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