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BenMax: who is Marco and how do I get in touch with him? lol. I would drive to Quebec if my perfect match awaited me there, but if you have contacts here in Ontario then I would love to know, for sure. Let me know how to activate my PM.

BearsMom: Thanks for the encouragement. I figured it had something to do with them finding a better match before they got around to checking references. It's just disappointing because I got my hopes up after getting such a positive initial reply from the rescue. But I do completely understand - like I said, I don't honestly feel that they did anything wrong, I just really liked the little guy we applied for! :sad: Now the other rescue...that one is still up in the air.

Marty: we ADORE Bostons! The one dog we applied for was a Boston, but I feel like they so rarely come into rescue. I know the Canadian Boston Terrier Club of Canada Rescue (or something like that, lol) is a good place to start, but like I said...I don't often see them, and when they do become available, they get a LOT of applications! I feel like we have so many strikes against us when compared to other potential adopters (we're young, not married - though that doesn't seem to mean much anymore! - and we rent).

But yes, long story short, after much research we do think a Boston would be perfect for us! As for the hot weather thing...yeah, that doesn't happen because of our Pug anyway! (Oh and I should mention I also do VERY poorly in hot weather, haha!)
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