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Tundra_Queen: I've been hearing that they treat their volunteers terribly. Some of the current and past volunteers have started a Facebook group about it. Volunteers can't walk "difficult" dogs until they receive the proper training, but their training sessions keep getting canceled (be aware I am just relaying what I've heard/read), so some dogs go days or weeks without being walked, causing them stress. Some of the paid employees were fired for no reason, or for making complaints about the way things are run. Futhermore, they are getting more donations (both monetary and in kind) than they know what to do with - I've heard that they literally throw out beds, collars, etc. that they have no use for (why not pass them along to another rescue?).

Finally, because they are such a large non-profit organization, their tax information is made public - as such, it has been discovered that the president (Tim Trow) personally makes about $160,000 a year. Two members of the upper management make about $80,000 per year - and neither one has any education beyond a high school diploma. There's nothing wrong with making an income while doing what you love, but (correct me if I'm wrong) you don't go into animal rescue to make money. I'm sure if you Googled the THS you could find some of this info. I'm not even going to go into their adoption policies - but I've heard many complaints about that as well. It saddens me because I have always supported them.

BenMax: I would definitely appreciate any help! We're holding off the search for a little while (at least I'm trying to) as we've decided we would like to purchase a home before the end of the year, but I would love to start looking into some rescues in the meantime to educate myself. As for breeds, I'm not horribly picky...and I'm definitely not against mutts . For some reason, I don't find myself too drawn to most hound breeds - beagles, coonhounds, etc. We love Pugs (I've heard of Pugalug Rescue and they look good), but think the more energetic Boston Terrier might be a better match for our unusually energetic Pug! We also like Bulldogs (we're partial to the brachycephalic breeds!), most of the terrier breeds (not sure about the uber-energetic JRTs, though), dachshunds...really, for me the temperament is more important. We don't consider ourselves experienced dog owners, so a relatively trainable and easygoing individual that gets along with other dogs and cats is ideal - which is why, although I love Shiba Inus, Basenjis and Shar Peis, they're probably not a great match for me. Also reasonably active - we walk a lot and love to hit the dog park every weekend.

Okay, once again I've droned on - I apologize!
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