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I have a Siberian Husky who needs her nails clipped but she throws herself when we try to clip them. She came from a rescue so I don't have a lot of background on her (how she was treated).

Any suggestions to try and calm her so we can clip her nails?

Thanks Debbie



You could find in the drugstore some homeopathic complex that would calm the anxiety of your dog. Each city has its own homeopathic distributor and brand. You should consult your local druggist or vet for a good suggestion. (If they know how to handle homeopathy)
The product should be given every day, for a few weeks before trying again to cut the nails of the dog.

You should consult your veterinarian anyway, sometimes it's best to let the vet trim a difficult dog's nails.

Paul Guindon dmv
Clinique veterinaire Salaberry
Medecine conventionnelle et holystique
1895 Salaberry, Montreal, Qc
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