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I go on frequently (it's a daily thing, if I'm going to be completely honest!). My problem is I've heard about issues other adopters have had with at least two of the rescues that come up on petfinder (in my area, specifically). Again, I don't want to name the rescues in case the experiences these people had were isolated incidents...but I would be okay with PMing if someone wants to know more. (Just have to figure out how PMing works, first!)

I also check the Toronto Humane Society site frequently, but I've been hearing terrible things about them lately, which is a shame. I still check and if I found a dog that seemed to be a good match I would probably still go to the THS, but I'm just feeling very wary of it - even though we got our cat from the THS and had no issue.

I'm also wondering about the rescue which called us for the phone interview. I wanted to know other peoples' thoughts about whether the foster parent's attitude should be a warning for us (read my first post for more info if you haven't already).

Thanks everyone for your input!
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