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Raw pet food manufactureres and kitten diets

I am very fortunate to have several raw pet food manufacturers within the Saskatoon area. I will not accept raw diets from just any manufacturer unless they met the requirements I have set for all pet foods such as honest advertising with no embelishments, a reliable, justifiable, and safe source of ingredients, a sound knowledge of nutrition and metabolism as it relates to dogs and cats, ongoing nutrient analysis done at an independent certified analytical laboratory, and meets the range of nutrient requirements I have set out and an appropriate manufacturing facility. None of the companies I am involved with offer incentives to the students.

Kittens and cats should never be fed more than 3% carbohydrates and all protein and fat sources must be animal based whether raw or cooked. The nutrient requirments should approximate that of their natural prey. Plant based proteins supplemented with the limitng amino acids are not metabolically appropriate. Some research does exist to support these statements. The chapter on research in our book outlines the problems confronted when doing nutritional research.
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