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Hi Chico,

I found the Wellness food at our small pet store in town. Howie LOVES it! As a matter of fact (not to be gross) his stool was semi-solid rather than a river. TMI, eh? Anyway, thanks for the recommendation!! Your support means a lot to me!

Bad news first...Howie's biopsy came back and he does have cancer. It's not one nodule but throughout his intestinal tract.

Now, the good new...our vet said it's a low grade cancer and he can end up living for a good while. He's having the biopsy tested further to see what grade it is. One grade is better than the other but I forgot which was which.

More good news...Howie is his old self again, which is baffling to me because the vet didn't really do anything except the biopsies and put him on the Hills Science S/D and antibiotics. He is ravenous, like he's been since he was a kitten, and meowing more and more (in a happy way). Today Howie was playing under the covers on the bed with me and attacking my hand. Could it have anything to do with the diet? Hmmmm...that's what I'm thinking!!! The extra love we've been showering upon him helps!!!

For everyone else who's responded, I so appreciate your great advice, hugs and wishes !

As much as the news was sad today, I'm happy that my Howie has some quality time left and is feeling great! I'm hoping for a miracle!!!
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