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Originally Posted by Jim Hall View Post
try this if you can get lavender sachets or lavender soap pet the cats after washing with it give it time too like 6 weeks it can be crazy sometimes i assume htey are all neutered?
Yes - all spayed and/or neutered. Lavender? I know it's used homeopathically for relaxation for people - works on cats too? I have some lavender spray I use on my pillows at night so I'll try making a sachet like you suggested.

I'm prepared to go the distance - however many weeks - until I either see some kind of acceptance or it becomes evident that she's just not going to fit in. Aside from the Feliway I've gone back to square 1 with introductions - no visuals, just scents for another week or so. They were sort of reluctantly accepting each others presence for a while but then there was a physical scrap and it went back to regular showdowns.....

Hopefully we get more steps forward than we get steps back and we all get there eventually!
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