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Dog still goes to the washroom inside

One of my dogs is a ~2y.o Westy/Bichon mix (Ralph), looks mostly westy to me. Just for some background, he's male and has been neutered. I've had dogs all my life and have trained others before if it matters.

Ralph, will still go pee and poop in the house regardless of what I do. He is a VERY good natured dog, always happy to see anyone, always happy period. He puts up with a lot of abuse from my 4y.o. daughter and her friends and he seems only happy to do it. I think he's a pretty smart dog, he just does dumb things.

Anyway, I've tried the usual rub his nose in it and put him outside, yelling, having the serious "bad dog" talk, making him sit there while I clean it up reinforcing the 'bad dog' part, and I'm sure a few other things and can't get it through to him. He puts his head down while I'm scolding him but as soon as he leaves (regardless how long I make him sit there) he's happy and it's play time and the tail is wagging.

Obviously these methods of training have clearly not worked so I'd like to hear some alternatives. Maybe this is a common problem?

Thanks for any input,
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