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Does it say "Comfort Zone with Feliway"? That would be the one you're looking for. It has a couple different packaging designs, one that's mostly purple and looks like this: and another that's a bright fuscia colour and looks like this: They're both the same product.
No - didn't look like that either of those - was all bubble wrapped and was called Kitty Comfort or some such thing - what I was hesitating about was the "contains Feliway" description - it didn't say what ELSE it might contain! But, I did just get a call back from one of the vets in the neighbourhood where I work and they have the Feliway in the purple box in stock (your first link) - so I'm off to speak with them about it.

I know the Feliway is not a guaranteed solution.....and I know that a successful integration can take weeks or even months. At this point I'd just like to get to "I don't like it, but I'll stay in the same room without complaining too loudly" and we can all can work toward "come on, let's play!" It just breaks my heart to see my little guy hiding away like that...:sad:

Supposedly it has an effect on about 60% of cats.
Now I'm sort of curious if it's the same 60% that are affected by catnip ??

Thanks for the help!
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