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No need to drag her around when she lays down and refuse to move. Just gently but FIRMLY take hold of the collar or harness with your free hand and pull up slowly. Taking up the slack and the weight of the dog. Keep lifting until the dog is standing up on all four legs. The trick is to then short leash the dog, one hand holding the leash about 6-12 inches from the clasp and the other hand controls the rest of the leash. If you do this with a nice smooth transition and can hold that short leash, the dog won't have the slack to lay down again or even sit. Then just start walking.

The main thing is to not get annoyed or angry with the dog, they will pick up on that. Also, they won't understand why you are cross with them. If they act up and are difficult, just keep it firm (but fair) and all business like. That means, if a dog needs a 30 minute walk, you go for a 30 minute walk. Might not be very fun for either you or the dog but just get it done.

Bear in mind, this is a technique that has worked well for me but it is by far no means the only way to do it. Also, it might not work for you at all.
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