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Originally Posted by onster View Post
Btw I have a confession. I signed the date wrong on the card - i put the 5th instead of the 4th- but then i thought i didnt wanna correct it & make it ugly (and bunduk was now eying the ribbon trying to chew it ) soooo i figured when you received it you wouldnt really be able to tell and left it.

Except you received it on the actual 5th! LOL whoops.

SO ya, that is my confession.

I caught the date! Don't worry, I do that all the time. I had to ask what date it was yesterday so I could put the right date on bakery items at work. Normally when I do that area of the store I remember to look at the calendar before I go in. Yesterday I forgot. Remembered today though.
Bunduk and TT must be distantly related somehow. I put your card up on a shelf out of harms way. Of course TT thinks that if something is on a shelf it's much more intriguing. I had to take him down a few times. I'm surprised they haven't tried taking the magnets off the fridge yet.

I can't wait to try the supplement! I need to remember to get some liver and chicken to start them with. Although I am tempted to try beef. I made burgers for hubby and I for supper tonight and Mittens and Tinka were up on the counter munching away.

Thank you again! I am thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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