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Snappy dog stops walking.

Hi, we now have another rescue collie to go with the first (who is now coming along in leaps and bounds!).
She spent her first 24 hours with us staying in her crate before she decided to come out and see us and is now generally quite cautiously friendly but tends to retreat back to the crate.
This isn't a problem as it is early days yet but we do have 2 very specific problems with the new dog that have been attributed to fear aggression:
Problem 1 is that she will quite happily allow a lead to be fixed on to her collar but with a harness she will allow it to be placed over her head OK before becoming snappy and bitey if we attempt to fasten the side straps, or then remove the harness.
Problem 2 is that at random points whilst going on short walks (we are deliberately not going far) she will just lie down and refuse to move or try to take you in a different direction. We have no intention of dragging her or manhandling her as this will probably make her worse.
Suggestions on how to handle and address these issues would be welcome as so far she hasn't responded to distraction or coaxing with treats or encouragement.
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