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The one that the ingredients is for is Kirkland Series Chicken and Rice it also comes in Lamb and rice but lamb is to fattening for Buddy it is better for active dogs. This food is good and CHEAP I buy a 40 pound bag for 19.99 the lamb is 21. I was feeding Diamond Large Breed and paid 60-65 for a 50 pound bag. Kirkland is made by Diamond and is available at costco they have also started selling puppy food as well and cat food. I paid for my membership in the first 2 bags I bought and I bet it is half the price of your food as well. I was using Solid Gold Hundenflunken at one point excellent food but for me it was way to expensive every month almost 170.00 a month plus Buddy had gas so bad he would leave the room when he let one go. Also vets get a kickback form SD and Iams
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