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Talking Two wonderful stories-one person

I work in a continuing care facility-and there is a woman I've met who comes to visit her family member who lives with us.

Her first incredible story is that her cat was impaled. Her neighbour is a cat hater and has nasty traps (not the legal humane kind) set all over her yard.

One day her cat came home with a metal rod through his lower abdomen, close to death. It was very touch and go, with many infections and surgeries and huge costly vet bills. He finally pulled through and made a full recovery!!!! She brought him in one day and I met-beautiful orange tabby who climbs up to give you a hug and purrs and rubs on your face. She said he was friendly before the accident but became so much so after all he'd been through!

So yesterday I was asking about him (he's great of course) and she said she'd be bringing her dog in today. I told her I didn't know she had a dog...she didn't... really.
Her dog went missing from their yard FOUR YEARS AGO and they never found him. And they got a call last week, he'd been found stray and they'd run the microchip and brought him home!!!! Someone had kept him those four years and overfed him (he's thirty pounds overweight) and not looked after him-he has a cataract that's injury induced. He didn't recognize them at the vet clinic but when they got him home he realized who they were and was ecstatic!!

How Incredible is that to happen to one pet owner? I can't wait to meet the dog-he should be here in a few hours!
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