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Magicwildwolf69 - I'm glad I was able to inspire you. My pages are pretty simple compared to what I've seen out there, but I'm just learning and really this is the first I've ever done. You should go to some websites and see all the really lovely ideas there are out there!

I'm finding that I'll look at something and wonder how I can incorporate it into my scrapbook

Hazel - Thanks! I was trying to figure out how to save some letters and then realized I could use that last K for Maks. I think I have maybe 8 more pages left in the book. I haven't counted. I should though.

14+ - Thanks! It was your first pages that really got me so interested in this so a huge hug and thank you to you again for sending me that box!

Yes, this one has little posts that you can undo and add more pages. I imagine at some point you'd have to get longer posts though. I'd like to just finish this one and then buy smaller ones, and do an individual scrapbook for each of them.
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