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Originally Posted by Mommasdolls View Post
I'd like to set up a studio for my pet photography business. Most of what I do now is on-site. I am in need of a good lighting setup for a studio that will work with blue eyed pets. Right now, if I use flash, eyes show up as red-even with Red Eye Reduction.

Assuming you have an external flash, bounce the flash off the ceiling or side walls.

You can also get a flash "slave" where you can have other flash units away from the camera.

A lot of modern flashes have "diffuser" shields that would help spread the light away from the eyes. If your flash doesn't, an old trick is to tape a thin napkin over your flash. Give it a try.

Or connive some trick to have the animal looking away from the lense/flash.

You have red spots in the eyes because the light from the flash is bouncing into the back of the eye and then rocketing back to the camera. The above suggestions would help eliminate that.

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