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just wondering.. But did I not get my head ripped off for giving advice to someone whose cat was having a pretty normal delivery????

Ok seriously... lets think sbout this... your cat is showing huge RED flags of a VERY abnormal pregnancy... 4 dead kittens, one with blood, some you think died recently.. and she is not at the vet... why???? I have had many litters, and I can promise you I would have had that cat at the vet yestuday, she needs a vet to see what is retained NOW, it is not I repeat NOT normal for a kitten to die during birth, something is WRONG.. go now, I will be praying for the kitten.

And you say she is a rescue? I know with my rescue if I don't contact them at the first sign of labour, and have a vet on standby i would be in huge ca-ca. You SHOULD have known what vet was on vacation and what vet was available, you had warning sings far enough in advance.
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