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From Ask Me Help Desk:

My cat is in labour. About 24 hours ago she was nesting and had a fluid bubble break but no kittens yet?! She is comfortable and friendly, secluded. She does not seem to be in any distress or pain. Her tummy is contracting slightly. She is eating and drinking small amounts. My concern is the time frame. Is it normal for her water to break and then it take so long before she gives birth?

No, it's not normal at all. The entire litter should normally be delivered within 6 hours of labor starting. The most likely case is that your cat has a (now-dead) kitten stuck in the birthing canal. You need to get to a vet to see what needs to be done to fix this problem. Most likely you are looking at surgery to remove the kittens.

When a queen goes into labor does her water break? And, if so what color and concistancy does it have? I noticed a yellow stain on my bed when I just arrived home and it has no odor, and is very yellow and clear.

Answer from a vet.....
I don't know that anyone has actually seen the amniotic fluid from a pregnant cat. There is so little and the queen usually is into nesting big time when the time comes. If this is her first pregnancy, she may not know what to do. You may need to provide her a nesting area, and plenty of quiet. Cats under stress can delay giving birth for a very long time, sometimes to the detriment of the kittens.

Do you have any idea on her breeding date? Have you had an x-ray to count the number of kittens?
Remember no online advice can truly replace the senses of touch, seeing, hearing, and feeling. Please always check with your veterinarian before changing his or her treatment plan. I am always happy to provide follow up information as well, but feel free to tap one of the other experts if I am not available.

Dr Richard

Don't want to panic you but really, check with your vet.
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