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Originally Posted by Seb17 View Post
What is the max time that can pass after her water breaks that the kittens should be born before worrying.?!
Please call your vet asap. The cat could be in trouble. Better safe than sorry IMO.

I was wondering if a cat has a water that breaks when she is going into labor.

This is not common. Normally kittens are delivered in a sac with fluid. The sac may burst while coming out. Often the mother helps to open it. In humans the water often breaks long before the actual birth.

It is not uncommon in cats that during contractions a yellowy fluid or some blood comes out but this is not the same as the water you are referring to.

From another site:

Once the water breaks, it is usually within hours that labor begins. Is it possible the cat pee'ed instead of the water breaking? If you are absolutely sure the cat's water broke, then she needs to get to a vet to figure out why no labor?
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