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holistic vetcare advice

Originally Posted by cherryberry View Post
i used to go to the east end vet at o'connor, a bit expensive, but i loved dr, mcCuteon, i have not been there is years, i called there a few weeks ago and they are charging some one time fee $165 for new pateince, also i called for emmergency services and they said they do not do emmergencies, even though thier site says they do during regular hours.

another vet i am checking out is secord clinic, rona is a holistic vet.
aslo bathurst dupont is suppose to practice holistic care also.

good luck

hi there, i am thinking of moving my lovely pooch to toronto, and need all the info i can regarding good vets, esp holistic vets - were you able to try the Secord and the Bathurst Dupont? It seems Bathurst Dupont is quite highly ranked here ( does anyone know if the ratings here reliable? ), any experience you can share for my peace of mind to have good quality vet care in toronto will be so much appreciated
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