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As I was reading your post I thought maybe you should crate train her but since you are doing that already that's a good thing and hopefully it works.

I have a 4 month old husky and he has been crate trained since he was 2 months old and already at 3 months I would put him in his crate at 10 pm and he would normally hold it till 7 am if i was lucky but mostly I would have to wake up at around 5 am. He has a very good bladder control although he was undernourished before and after birth so he is constantly drinking water, so during the day I have to let him out quite often since he is more active.

So if she doesn't have an infection, I could suggest that you put her in her crate during the day maybe for 1-2 hours each time then when you let her out of her crate take her out right away. It might help her control her bladder better in the long term and hopefully you see a change in her behavior aswell to a better one that is.
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