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Originally Posted by Nagini View Post
The thing is has been with us for over 4 months and during this time she has ALWAYS every night without exception pee'd at night time, so I think this is more of an holding bladder issue.


I seriously believe its jsut a matter of holding bladder and she not being trained that v3ery well. She has just been housetrained like 4 weeks ago and before that she leaked whenever and wherever she wanted, so didnt need hold anything, and now i think is something she has to practise.


Ive thought about this, and it is true, but if she is asking to go out alot every time she feels she has something in her bladder, isnt it okay to make her wait just to train her bladder?
Has the vet physically examed her bladder or suggested an ultrasound to check the size & development of her bladder?

I'm wondering if she has a physical issue such as an abnormally small bladder
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