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Hi again all!

By the way, when you see the vet will you be asking about spaying?? Even though Lily is a very rare and lovely breed, breeding is something best left to the professionals.
No we wont be discussing spaying, we don't plan on doing it anytime soon. And as much as I would love to see her having puppies, we dont ever wanna breed on her. It is still a pretty fresh race and I think its important to know alot about these dogs (and use alot of money on different kind of tests not mentioning good amount of space for them) before breeding.


I have one question to everybody;

we have penned her up at night times and two first nights I made the mistake of taking her out once a night, because of ENDLESS crying. But then I realized I have to fit the dog in my life and not the other way around and now I dont listen to the whining. It is not just "oh let her whine she will stop after 15min", no she wont. She cried last night from 1AM to 4:40 Am and then she fell asleep, yes she did nap a little during those hours but it was crying mostly.

The thing is has been with us for over 4 months and during this time she has ALWAYS every night without exception pee'd at night time, so I think this is more of an holding bladder issue.

The vet says she has a kennel cough and not a infection But she is doing pretty well besides coughing every now and then and that is being handled.

And Ive also been suggested to keep a pee diary and it shows she holds pee 2-5 hours depeding, its mostly every 2½hours and vet suggests training her to go out every certain hours as a routine and slowly make the amount of time wihtout a reliese trip longer and longer. She is now getting out:

10:00 (morning walk)
17:00 (evening walk)
(possibly one walk at this time)
and just before we go to bed at 22:00

So she has to hold 3hours, 4 hours, 3 hours, 5 hours and 9 hours.

Is this very bad? Should I change something about it? And Ive been looking at her water intake and its just enormous before bedtime, so I take water away around 19:00, unless she does some activities after evening walk, then I let her have a decent sip.

So, what I wanted to ask was if the walking schedule sound bad? What about taking water away, is that bad?

This bladder holding routine seems to be pretty tough for her, but she manages to do it alright. Today she couldnt hold it and after whining pee'd inside but I didnt tell her off, she did tell me that, but she had been just a while back. I seriously believe its jsut a matter of holding bladder and she not being trained that v3ery well. She has just been housetrained like 4 weeks ago and before that she leaked whenever and wherever she wanted, so didnt need hold anything, and now i think is something she has to practise.

What about when she cries at night, is it really okay just to let her cry until she learns she isnt getting anything out of it. I mean, isnt part of crate training that dog learns to hold it in throughout the night (wont soil the bed area issue), and when they cry you should jsut let them cry unless of course theres some real reason behind the crying that should be taken care of?

she is doing what you are asking her to do - to let you know when she needs to go. But if you don't take her out - she goes right in front of you. NO DUH! She just told you she has to go...she is not a human to tell you in words :"mommy, I really really truly gotta go!"
Ive thought about this, and it is true, but if she is asking to go out alot every time she feels she has something in her bladder, isnt it okay to make her wait just to train her bladder? Im guessing when we get further in this and she has been crated at night time more and more that will help her to hold bladder, so maybe that wont be an issue in a while...

Im sorry guys, I'm just a big type of person who worries, and maybe too much. I just dont want to do things too wrong, I love her and I want the best for her. And it is my first dog and Ive read alot and studied, but some things you hjust have to learn by doing and experiencing...
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