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Free to good home!!

Hello everyone nice to see ya'll again....lookin forward to some new chats and new visiting an old neighbourhood this place sure does look

Iknow Iknow....your looking at the title of my post in rage .... me too

I am looking for a very antique post or if someone else has a good story with pics or not about what happens when we give up our beloved pets in a free to good home post....the danger we may be sending our sweetheart to, believing the person when they say "No worries I will love him/her to DEATH" not realizing the warning we just heard.

I see this post so much in Kijiji and others and would love to enlighten a few people. Sometimes they just dont realize that there is a world of horrible people out there that are waiting for those wonderful words to their ears "Free to good home".

So if anyone can help me in my quest I would be grateful
"Old age means realizing you will never own all the dogs and cats you wanted to."
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