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A lot of grooming is often a sign of a stress reliever. So she may be getting a little anxious and close to delivery. Some cats will settle right in a box, others just before delivery can become anxious and go from place to place, not knowing where they want to have the kittens. Some start to pant with open mouth just before and during labour. During delivery some are silent, but others may cry out in pain during the delivery. She will chew off the umbilical cord herself and eat the placenta, and clean off the kitten, tho some are a bit lazy about that, so have an old washcloth or towel to clear away the sac around the kitten's face, if she doesn't do it. It's important that you remain calm (I know that will be hard!). Is she very friendly and calm with you? If she was a feral, she may wish to be by herself during the kittening. Hope everything goes well.
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