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hopefully being on this forum, my response wont sound rude but informative instead!!!

goldfish should never, ever be kept in a bowl.

i can not say this enough.

a single fancy goldfish should have 15g of overly filtered water (in other words the filter should be rated for at least 30g)

a comet goldfish will grow, in the aquarium, up to 8 inches long.

a pond- 12-15 inches long.

id strongly suggest taking them both back.

the least a desk setup should be (to keep -any- fish healthy) no less than 2.5g with a small filter and a heater.

some basic information that is a must-

fish that you can fit in a 2.5g tank are probably limited to a betta.

if you bump it up to a 5g tank you can get a few Endlers Livebearers, a few guppies, a Dwarf Gourami, Threadfin Rainbows, a single Dwarf Puffer, OR a single Dwarf Frog.

as in pick one of those, not all of them. most of the fish in there can live with other shrimp but not a cray fish.

good luck with the fish!!

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