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I'm paying about 12 000 won for a 1kg bag....really expensive. I'm not sure about the corn....ANF also makes something for "sensitive skin" dogs and I'm pretty sure that one doesn't contain corn. Our vet recommended either of the two but he didn't have any of the ANF on hand. I think the ANF is cheaper per Kilogram.

Prescription Diet is the same brand as Science Diet but can only be purchased from a licensed vet. I'm working on seeing if I can get it cheaper because Cafri and KimChi are both on Prescription Diet ( u/d and d/d ) and Cafri goes through a kilo in roughly a week. It's about 50 000 won to feed him every month and as you know, you can get a 17kg bag of other stuff (i.e. pro plan) for about the same price.
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