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Molly and Bear LOVE the ride in the truck 'till we get about 50 feet from the vet's parking lot, then the both try to make themselves reeeeallllly teeeny tinnnnnny in the back so that perhaps I can't see them (in their minds). Once they surrender themselves to the fact that they are indeed going in no matter what, they walk as slooooowly as possible to the door.

Once inside, they're ok till we get in the exam room. Once in there they both stand with their snouts to the door just waiting till we can leave. Bear is also known to have "defensive farts" once the vet gets near him, which is LOVELY in a small exam room. Molly is nervous but with a lot of reassurance, she seems to be okay, just grumbly.

Once we're outta the exam room, they rocket through the lobby. I'm sure the vet's receptionist thinks we're skipping out on the bill.
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