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Alright I am at my wits end this morning. Oliver is all over the place knocking over cups of water, clawing the furniture (which he rarely usually does odd for a kitten but I wanted to keep that trend!!!) meowing at the sofa, biting sandals (we dont go barefoot in the house) playing in his littler box (not going potty just playing with the sand and clay pieces) basically terrorizing me sinse morning. Is he just bored out of his mind Or trying to just be a pest I dont know. I think maybe he is lacking stimulation. Ive tried buying toys for him (which he likes but there are only a few) but I cant find very many in brazil (its all about those little dogs here) He has even gotten into the whole chasing his own tail thing. Or if I type to fast pouncing my hands There is nothing safe from him today. Including my legs (rubs claw marks when he ran up them)

Please help me find ways to entertain him that do not consist of chucking him out the window!!!
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