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Originally Posted by Joeyjoejoe View Post
Here's my solution: It's more of a 'building' than a 'tree', but it gives my "not so athletic" cat a chance to get up really high by taking small jumps up... and yet still gives a challenge my other cat who can jump to the mid level easily. Also after 10 months of heavy use, my cat tree is still going on strong! It's still just as sturdy as when I built it.

Here's another Ikea solution, but much more innovative.
That is a very clever idea on how to reuse something that isn't getting used. *S* Lots of room too.

Originally Posted by DoubleRR View Post

This one is floor to ceiling, from Walmart.
Set it up when Posh was little, see her on the top shelf. 8 mths later, she is still loving it, as you can see here:
I have seen those at Walmart but didn't know how sturdy they would be with 2 lively kittens climbing up and down them and one older big cat trying to climb it too. Does it wiggle around when Posh climbs it?

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