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Oh it's so nice to see so many replies even after I got quite a few. Thanks tons people! And thanks for all the compliments too.

I was actually thinking of you this morning at 5:45am, when Sparky came to bug me to get up and I just sent him to bed again, and he went and peed all over the floor in the kitchen.. LOL
I was going to say Baddd ... baddd...and then I stopped and said to meself - BAD JENNIE! LOL
Aww how sweet. That is something we all have to practise it seems, they to message to us in so many ways, we have to just listen!

I'm glad you decided to pen her up, and even happier that it worked! It's not cruel to lock her up at night
Crating isn't cruel unless you have your dog living in the crate 24 hours a day
I just meant it would be unfair to pen her up if she has the infection, because then its not really up to her that she cant hold it back and it may even hurt etc... But she often btw pee's more than once a time, that is if she gets distracted by a bunny. We have just TONS Of little bunnies outisde and she has a prey drive of.. of... something that has a really strong prey drive? Then she gets up, runs a little and does a tiny pee more.

But i'll do the vet check just incase

I just wanted to add that I think you have a BEAUTIFUL girl there - she is just divine!! What breed is she?
Thank you! Lily is a presa canario, not the most common breed around here :-)
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