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But she did cry alot and I knew she had to go potty, so I took her from the crate when she calmed down (I dont want to take her out from there when she is crying when she would learn crying=gets her out), she calmed down and I took her out where she peed 3 times
I'm glad you decided to pen her up, and even happier that it worked! It's not cruel to lock her up at night, this will help teach her bladder control.
The bit that I highlighted tells me that she likely does have a bladder infection. Dogs usually squat and pee once. If she's peeing more than once, or squatting and not peeing, it's likely there's a medical issue involved.

As for you not being a good owner that's not true at all. You are here asking for help, more than a lot of people do. That, in itself, makes you a good owner. However, I would suggest you change your expectations.

I teach training classes and I tell my students not to consider their dog potty trained until it's 1!
I do this because if people expect their dog to be trained by 6 months then they're likely to be disappointed. Not only that, they stop setting the dog up to succeed! "If the dog is trained I don't have to hurry home from work, I can stop for a drink on the way." Then when the pup messes it's the dog's fault! Even though the owner took too long to let the pup out.
Set your dog up to win, if she asks to go out, take her!

Also, keep in mind they do go through growth phases. Yes, she may have been trained before, but now there's a lot more distractions for her. She may have not been getting the message from her bladder until it was full. Now she'll be getting signals telling her that there's something there, but she's not used to that.
She's still a baby, give her every opportunity to do the right thing, and you'll have much less stress/problems.

I'm sure it will get better for her and you. Good luck!
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