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I am feeling alot better these days..thanks for asking hazelrunpack. There is a huge void at our house, so much so, that I have contacted the Basset Rescue in our area and will hopefully volunteer in some capacity to help with other Bassets that are in need. I realize that I just love the Basset personality and received so much love from Junior that I want to give it back in some way. I am not sure that I am ready for another dog yet so this is the best way for me to fill the void. I will continue to check in with this thread and hopefully can also help someone who is experiencing this dreaded nasal cancer disease with their beloved pet.
All that I went through with Junior was just heartbreaking, but this thread was my connection to suppport, reassurance and information. I am so grateful to all of you, hazelrunpack, kimccallum, growler, chris21711, jdflea, and anyone I might have missed!
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