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Hi everyone!
Bless you for all your answers, many heads is better than one head thinking about a problem.

Some answers to what you asked!

One final thing. How are you cleaning her accidents?
I do have some pee cleaning spray I bought from the local vet, and we spray that on every accident she has made. It takes the scents and smells off so she wont be tempted.

As for the LOTR, that's the crappy thing about puppies, often times we are unable to do the things we want to do, as we have dogs to tend to. This is your problem, not theirs They didnt ask for you to buy them!
ut if you don't take her out - she goes right in front of you. NO DUH! She just told you she has to go...she is not a human to tell you in words :"mommy, I really really truly gotta go!"
I really sound like a somewhat bad dog owner. I've never accused my dog of not giving me time to do what i wanted. I have giving up my life in other country and moved to Swedeen just so I can be home with the dog every day, i have no job and no studies because I want to be home with the dog all the time. So I do know it takes alot of dedication to have a puppy. This is my life long dream since I was a little girl, to have a puppy.

The only reason why I put up the movie in my message was to emphasize how little she can hold back, because this feels very unnormal!! Couple weeks ago (we're talking about when she was 5mo puppy) she could hold it back easily 3-4hours, sometimes less ofc depending on her day, but we would take her out 4-5 times a day. MUCH less than now. Now we have to take her less than an hour!

Also please do not discipline your dog when you find pee. Not ever. Only correct if you are witnessing the behavior.
Never done that, don't worry. I know 1 second too late, is too late. She is off to doing and thinking about something totallly different. :-) But I've witnessed her peeing when she looks straight in my eyes many times, those have been good moments of telling her off!

My female was not fully house trained until she was 6 months old!!
My male on the other hand (following the same method) was 100% housetrained at 4 months.
That's exactly what I've been thinking about, ive done alot of reading from here and there, and it is said that usually all dogs are housetrained by the age of 6 months. Our young lady is 6 months and 1 week now.

.Have you thought of how it is with a baby? They will not respect the fact that mommy is tired or busy, they WILL want to eat and pee and poop. Same thing here. You basically have a child on your hands, and have to regard it as such. This is why I always ALWAYS ask people that are thinking about puppies if they are ready. If they are aware of how much work it is. And this is how these poor souls usually end up in the shelter or worse.
Yes I know it is a baby, but I do have some expectations for her growing and again, I only said it because by expectations I know they should be able to hold more than 50min! But the more I write answers here I realize I should take her for a vet check... It does sound unnormal. My whole life is this little puppy right now and she is my bestest friend, I do everything with her and she is in a way my baby :-) And my frustraion comes because she is very unpredictable, she is very smart and I just dont know where the sudden change of behaviour came from.

and I wouldn't be surprised if the LOTR sacrifice is the first and smallest of all...
And once again, it surely isnt the first one, theres nothing I wouldnt do for this puppy and Ive spent uncountable nights awake when she was sick in the beginning, even tho she was sleeping I was still worried she would throw up again, jsut to be there for her. Its just very expected that she would hold it in more than 50min!


Now last night I decided to put her into crate, which I actually made myself and cant be called a crate but its a fenced area in the corner of the bedroom and I put her there (after making her really tired in the evening) and she slept there through aaaall night. But she did cry alot and I knew she had to go potty, so I toook her from the crate when she calmed down (I dont want to take her out from there when she is crying when she would learn crying=gets her out), she calmed down and I toook her out where she peed 3 times Then we came back, she slept nicely right into morning break when I got up!

But vet check should be done, because in that case crate training is pretty mean to her also, she has to pee but physically cant because wont soil her bed...

But now I feel I have to give you a face to this young lady :-)

Thanks everybody!!!
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