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I flew my dog with me from New mexico to FL. I flew delta and they treated her wonderfully. She did go down with the cargo (way to big for being in flight) I did give her one xanax to relax (recomended by vet) they loaded her and even gave me a card before taking off at the layover saying she was loaded in the same plane as me still and even took a couple mins to tell me how she was and how calm *coughxanaxcough* she was. even scolded me for not taking her out to walk when I was grabbing my luggage (lol I was alone with 2 large bags and had just taken her out but it was cute) and offered to help so I could walk her more. All in all Id so recommend delta for their treatment of my cassi

Edit: as a side note I also put a shirt I slept in and some familiar items to make her feel comfortable and still having me around to calm her worries if she had any (who knows da doggie mind)

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