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I voted hate but I think that is to strong for my guys.

They like the people but are strongly suspicious of them as well. My vet is actually one of my clients and when she was younger Lucy used to go there all the time but she always crawled under the desk to be right next to me just in case some evil person wanted to clean her ears or cut her claws .

Riley is okay but the chaos of the vet hospital stresses him out. He gets some "personal space" indoors issues and can be defensive with other loose dogs in the clinic although he rarely has any issues outdoors.

The are actually very tolerant though and will basically let the vet or staff do anything to them.I give Lucy cartrophen shots at home and I don't even need anyone to hold her. She just sits and wags her tail and waits for the cookie .

The cats hate the vet. Desi is always terrified and basically just freezes so they can do anything to her. Fred actually was a kitten adopted from the clinic but he also hates it there and the few times he has stayed there for some tests he will cower in his litter box :sad:. That also means he usually stinks of urine when he comes home and needs a bath.
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