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Originally Posted by Masha View Post
AG, Does Czari play with your other cats now?

I am willing to spend months on the introduction if it will mean that monkey will enjoy the companionship. I dont want him to be stressed needleslly, but i definitely understand the commitment. I have been following your posts abotu czari and saw the progress, that was just amazing.

The cat the we have identified so far as a possible good fit is descripted as 'very friendly - like all cats' so we think that a cat with a very positive attitutude will help monkey come out of his shell.
Masha, Czari will sometimes play with Maks and chase him and vice versa. He's really the only one she "plays" with. She will now and then touch noses with Vlad and Kiska, and rarely Oksana but not really play with them. She hisses and swats a lot, but they all like to be in the same room for the most part.

For her, I think that's great because she was an outside cat living pretty much on her own for a very long time. She never socialized a whole lot with the other cats or people in the complex and for her to be living in close quarters with 4 other cats to me is real progress.

All cats are different. Since your Monkey is an inside cat and has had more socialization and the other cat you get will be the same they may very well come to a point where they will play together quite a bit.

There were times when I never thought it would work with Czari and the others, but they all have come to an understanding and share their space very well.
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