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When house training my pups, I let them outside EVERY hour. At night time they were crated. It's unfair to give pups unsupervised time out, they are puppies and it's obvious they will get into something. It's kind of like leaving a 6 year old in charge of an unsupervised candy store......the temptation is too great for them to act out. The reason I think it's unfair is during the day she has rules and expectations which she is expected to abide by, at night when your not watching her, all of those rules go out the window as you are not there to enforce them and she is not old enough to know better. All in all I feel it really damages the relashonship with your dog and makes you out to be a poor inconsistant leader in her eyes and it will really put a damper on her training.

If her house training is NOT a medical problem, it is definately a handler problem, not the dogs. I suggest you take your dog to the vet immediately for a urinalysis and bloodwork. This should not be expensive at all for your dog, a few months ago I had blood work, fecal exams and a urinalysis done on my 90lbs GSD it was under 400$ and well worth it. Your dog being much smaller should be much cheaper to get tested and it is of the utmost importance that you get it done. Frequent urination can be a symptom of serious medical issues, the onset can be fast and the results devastating....please get her tested.

After health is ruled out, you should start making an effort to be 100% consistant. Try writing a schedule for your dog and try to follow it.

I also think you should really invest in a crate, they are one of the most important training tools you will ever buy and will help your dog in a variety of areas.

As for the LOTR, that's the crappy thing about puppies, often times we are unable to do the things we want to do, as we have dogs to tend to. This is your problem, not theirs They didnt ask for you to buy them! I cant even begin to tell you how much I have missed out on because of my many concerts, get togethers, name it, I missed it. All to take care of my dogs....and I shall keep missing out on things because I have lives that depend on me, and that's more important then anything else in the world. Your dog should always be your first priority, regardless of your plans and hobbies.

Also please do not discipline your dog when you find pee. Not ever. Only correct if you are witnessing the behavior. ANYTIME after that and the dog will not understand , 'NO' will become meaningless and you will REALLY lose respect from your dog.

I would like to add that housetraining takes longer with some dogs then others. My female was not fully house trained until she was 6 months old!!
My male on the other hand (following the same method) was 100% housetrained at 4 months.
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