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Arrow Flying with my cats -- need advice

Hello everybody,

I'm hoping to get some advice from those of you who have travelled with their pet by air before. My boyfriend and I are moving from Canada to Germany so flying is unavoidable (we'll be taking Lufthansa). We have two wonderful boy cats who are very friendly, adaptable and just great friends to each other and us.

Here's the issue:
We have already reserved two in-cabin spots for the boys and were slowly starting to get used to the thought of having to confine them into such a tiny space for more than eight hours.
However, looking at the way too small airline-approved carrier size for onboard, we were wondering if it is actually more humaine to let them fly cargo in a huge (dog) carrier which they could share. In the car, the boys do great in one cage but meow constantly when they have their individual carriers. Although, I don't care about meowing, I just want them to be comfortable.

One of our cats would fit pretty well into the tiny carrier but the other guy would really be incredibly unconfortable (though he does fit.)

I'm terribly scared about both options -- spacious cargo or tiny on board experience. Are the cargo horror stories true?
What would you do?
I would appreciate ANY advice, and stories of you flying with your pet would be very much appreciated!
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