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Unhappy Housebreaking puppy - I'm done.


I messaged here couple weeks ago about my 6mo female puppy, about housebreaking it and I got some prettty good advice. The problem was that she thought it was okay to go potty indoors and we just made clear it is not.

For like, 2 weeks? she didnt go potty indoors and just scratched the door when she needed to go out potty. We were amazed how nicely it turned out. Until we noticed she still goes potty at night time. Weird if you ask me, shouldn't it be simple, if I've made clear to her inside=not okay, then why does she go at night time? (We havent even scared her [not that we know of] when we tell her off, just a simple no-no).

So I sacrificed my nights sleeps and attached bells on to her collar and put it around her neck before I went to sleep. Then I could hear her walk around and I cought her go potty indoors at night several times, but she still did go potty indoors in between without me catching. I couldn't really help it, I really tried.

SUDDENLY, about 3 days ago, around the same times she started behaving more difficult, not obeying always, not walking on the leash nicely, gotten huuuge boosts of energy, she pooped in the kitchen!!! Then she peed in the living room, day time, mind you.. So I just told her off, took her down etc etc.

Then now we noticed that she asks to go out too much, so we wont take her down every time she asks, because other wise she want's to go out every hour. I mean cmon, a 6mo puppy should hold atleast 4 hours right? IT CANNOT BE that she wants to go out as much as a 10week old. IM THROUGH THAT ALREADY. But then when we dont take her out when she wants to, she goes and leaks infront of us, on the floor, RIGHT after complaining to go out.

But I mean, she has wanted to go out this often for a while now, so that did not start recently.

I woke up this night when i saw her pee on the floor, at 03:33 AM, and I told her off, took her down, came up, and i saw that she has done another pee earlier that night. We took her down right before we went to bed at 22PM, so in those five hours she has peed 3 times. Cmon. And then she woke up at 7 when i woke up, and she needed to go again, I said no, she's just went out less than 4 hours ago, so she peed right on the floor.

I'm done guys, its not dogs fault, but Im really done, please help me waht to do.
Is this normal? She is absolutely reached her defiant age now, could it have to do something about that? What a sentence, too tired to fix it

And I have to say, few days ago, two days in a row, she asked to go out like 10 times a day, and it really wears me out. YES it is very very nice and you cant believe how happy i am that she does tell when she wants to go out.

But I cant even watch the lord of the rigns movie with my boyfriend on our one and only free day in a week without having to take her down 3 times in 3 hours.

She does do somehting when we take her out, so she is not joking.

It also makes me think, could she have an infection? Only symptomp would be alot of pee.

Im sorry this became a monologue. I didnt mean to. Hope someone reads this...
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