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Unhappy Dog & Vaccination

My dog just had an annual vaccinations.

He does not like to go to vet & specially needle... When he was 1, 2 years old, he was OK, but since we moved to the town where we live now, he tried to bite vets.

I believe one of the problems is vet itself. He is very negative and always make me feel bad. Dogs are sensitive animal. They can feel his negative attitude too.

At this time, when the vet tried to give the first shot, my dog tried to bite him. And then the vet said "Oh, Jesus!" and then stepped back. The needle was still with my dog's neck....

I know he has been vet for a long time and this kind of situation is not the first time for him. I really wanted this vet to be more professional.

I put the muzzul for the second one and it was done.

I am just wondering how does your dog behave when they get vaccination.
Does anybody have same kind of problems ?

thanks !
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