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Talking done

Its been a long 2 weeks, regarding Winnie. There is no longer a need for transportation. Rainy has Winnie and as of right now it appears that Winnie is coming around, and Rainy has opened her Heart & her home to this beautiful girl. Winnie had been through so much, and Rainy has a forever home for her, which will save her from being moved around again. I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who posted suggestions and offers to help save Winnie. Because of you, Winnie is saved.

They were very much appreciated, and due to the outpoor of help for Winnie, it pushed everyone else to act quickly, which ultimatley saved Winnie, and gave Rainy her new addition.

I'm certain Winnie thanks us all too, I'm sure she know's how it feels to be wanted now. In time she'll express that to Rainy, and Rainy will have something else to share about her. In the last week I've grown so attached to an animal I never met. It is a felling unlike any other. Lets keep up the same great work, and save as many unloved animals as we can. This is the reason I am addicted to this website.
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