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I heard this pup has been in several homes already...

I was hoping he would rescue.. but i did JUMP up and down when I dound out he was not getting a labradoodle.. Seriously.. that's all we need, more people believing that a 'oodle' anything is a 'breed' when it is a MUTT, and encourage more of that kind of irresponsible breeding..

If this is the breed they really wanted, if it came from an ethical breeder. And it really needed a home after being shuffled so many times already, then I am happy. It is ok to choose a purebred dog. Any ethical breeder I have dealt with does have it in the contract that the dog is to be spayed or neutered..

I don't think this will cause a portie population explosion, like I was worried about the doodle mutt possibility.. so all in all I am happy. I think his girls will be in love, and this dog will be their best friend, good match for all of them.

The reason I wanted him to rescue, was not for him, but hoping that it would encourage others to do the same. I guess it was unfair of us to put that job on him. That he would be picking a pet for his family for the reason of saving others. For me that is a prefect reason, but for him.. guess not.. I don't think he had a chance, no matter what he did people would have been outraged..
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