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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
LMPG - you should be taking pics of your reno projects as you go and then doing a scrapbook on that. Before and after is always neat to look at.

AG - You can make little ribbons out of some of the yarn I sent you. The foam can be cut into any shape instead of going and buying more. The internet is a great place to download patterns for things you can cut out and use. You can use some of the seed beads to sprinkle around the pages. Even some of the beading wire/fishing line can be used in creative ways. Just trying to save you some dough.
That's a great idea about the reno project!

OH, I already realized I can use some little cookie cutters I have to make shapes with the foam! LOL.

And I may be able to use the double sided tape and sprinkle some beads on them to make interesting borders. I'm going to experiment with that glue I got and see if I use a brush and spread it around, I can also sprinkle some glitter on it. I'm sure that will work too. I've also got some remnants of old clothes and fabric I may be able to do stuff with.

I think you are right in that you have to think outside the box. I've got some pictures left I can still use until I get the ones I ordered. So this weekend I can start on a couple of more pages.
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