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Originally Posted by pbpatti View Post
AG, how talented you are! I love how you have changed the covers, I am artistically challenged and Love to see what others can do. pbp
Thanks! I'm glad I was able to make that work. I loved the color, pink with the black dots, and the price was not to be beaten!

I think anybody can be creative! You just have to sit down and get your hands to work. It's nice that others like what you do, but I think the most important thing is, for you to like it and enjoy yourself while you are doing it.

I just ordered some photo's online. Mind you, it's not even a drop in the bucket compared to all the photo's I would like. LOL, I'm going through my folders little by little, but I got a pretty decent deal.

I ordered around 77 on shutterfly and they were 15cents a piece. So with delivery, it's cost me around $21. I think that might be cheaper than buying the ink for my printer and just doing it myself. I am though looking into getting one of those Kodak photo printers. That might be actually worth getting. But for now, this will work.

I should be getting those next week some time, and so in the meantime, I'll be looking around some boxes of stuff I have for things I can use.
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