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Frenchy, I agree with you. He does have more important issues to deal with.

aslan, I agree with you. Not every breeder should be treated the same.

BenMax, I agree with you. It doesn't matter, its done.

L4H, I agree with you. My heart breaks for each and every poor soul out there.

14+, I agree with you as well. We all could have done better.

Aco22, guess what, I agree with you as well...There are people out there, who present themselves as reputable, while in fact they are nowhere near that description.

Jim, I agree with you as well, I think they could have done better had they invested the time ..

Sugarcatmom, I agree with you very much, it is not all for $$ for alot of breeders out there.

Blackdog, you have an excellent point, but I don't really see how a labradoodle is going to be less trainable to work than a lab, or how a mixed-breed dog is less possible to be trained to work. I think that is all about a specific dog. Not every sheppard is a good guard dog and not every lab is a good "eye-seeing" dog. The general idea is there, but I don't discount the possibility that given a chance and a proper training the mix-breeds would do just as well.

clm, I agree with you: Black and white thinking is truly a bad thing. Gotta have all those shades of grey in between. And I think we gotta start with ourselves first, before pointing at others.

brat, I agree with you, breeding should be postponed until some of the situation has been resolved. and would like to add, that its not as simple as that, it has to come from the law as well as the public.

Copperbelle - yes, I agree with you. They did research the breed and made a clear and conscious decision about the breed they wanted. That is more than most people do.

Sylvie - I agree with you, kudos to Aco22 and to others involved in various rescues and shelters for all your hard work, don't lose hope and keep your spirits high!

And now: !!!

Have I missed anyone?
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