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Originally Posted by aslan View Post
Just like because there are byb`s and puppymills doesn`t mean all breeders are bad.
I understand the difference between byb's and puppy mills and responsible breeders.

What I am talking about is the breeders that are classifed as reputable and are not, yet the public doesn't know it. I am talking reputable breeders that are the highest rank, in clubs that are world wide known, etc.

I know there are people that are responsible, yet I still see them as contributing whole heartingly to the pet overpopuation. All for profit. While you walk the hall of a humane society and see all of the unwanted animals. When you live it everyday, you get a different preception of it. Now, don't mistake this as being rigide, close-minded, but when you look at it, it's fact. I wouldn't call my opinion/ and white. alot of people are just not fully aware what is going on around them, in the animal world. It's scary. In the animal welfare field that are many shades of gray...but at times, it is black and white and it needs to be. The fact is I love love love my job. It is my dream job you would say and because of it i see and view things differently then others at times.


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