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Originally Posted by aslan View Post
The way i see it is, if all dogs are spay or neutered, and No one is breeding. Yes that would help with the overpopulation. But would that not cause the canine species to become extinct, since there would be no purebred or otherwise to breed?

If all ethical breeders(breeding to preserve the line) stopped breeding then only byb puppies or puppymill puppies would exist. Would this not damage the bloodlines and lead to medical or mental issues in the breeds?
I didn't state they should be altered, but I do believe they can stop breeding for a period of a couple of years.

As for puppymills, that wasn't brought up, so I didn't mention them, I wish they could just be banned for this earth .

Anywho, that was my opinion because my heart cries a tear for every pet who is homeless.
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