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Hazel I feel your pain LOL when yours crashed.

My Boys PC bit the dust lastnight (He was running XP) I knew It was happening did a backup day before & gives me an excuse to get him a laptop. .

Its a easy fix in all honesty but its about 3yrs old. & what I will do is replace what failed & send it/donate to person in need.

His is the oldest out of the bunch & custom built by me. but he has been buggin for a laptop & now he can get one (I just gotta share mine for now)

When I built it 3yrs ago it cost me $1400+ back then as I didnt want everything intregrated into motherboard. So graphics/sound/LAN/& USB are all seperate cards. + it sports a 22inch LCD moniter. which flips when your doing long Documents.

I will miss PITA Until I breathe life into it < Pain in The Ass as when I bought XP Prof for it the disk was bad & I had to get a replacement from MS took 3wks for it to come LOL.
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